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The Latin Cup (French: Coupe Latine; Italian: Coppa Latina; Portuguese: Taça Latina or Copa Latina; Spanish: Copa Latina) was an international football tournament for club sides from the Latin European nations of France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. In 1949 the football federations came together and launched their own club competition. European clubs could not afford hefty travel costs so competition was staged at the end of every season in a single host country. The competition featured two semi-finals, a third place play-off and a final.

The tournament began in 1949, and was played between the league champions of each of the participating countries. Every four years, a ranking would be determined for the countries based on their sides' performances in the Latin Cup. The competition was last played for in 1957, following the introduction of the European Cup. Real Madrid played and won in both the European Cup and the Latin Cup in 1957. Immediately prior to the introduction of the European Cup, the Latin Cup was considered the most important cup for clubs in Europe, the longer-established Mitropa Cup having gone into decline after World War II.


Year Final Third Place Venue
Winner Score Runner-up Third place Score Fourth place
194922x20px Barcelona 2 – 1 22x20px Sporting22x20px Torino 5 – 3 22x20px Stade de ReimsEstadio Chamartín
195022x20px Benfica3 – 3 a.e.t.
2 – 1 a.e.t.
22x20px Bordeaux22x20px Atlético Madrid2 – 122x20px LazioEstádio Nacional
195122x20px Milan5 – 022x20px Lille22x20px Atlético Madrid3 – 122x20px SportingSan Siro
195222x20px Barcelona1 – 022x20px Nice22x20px Juventus3 – 222x20px SportingParc des Princes
195322x20px Stade de Reims3 – 022x20px Milan22x20px Sporting4 – 122x20px ValenciaEstádio da Luz
1954 not held
195522x20px Real Madrid2 – 022x20px Stade de Reims22x20px Milan3 – 122x20px BelenensesParc des Princes
195622x20px Milan2 – 122x20px Athletic Bilbao22x20px Benfica2 – 122x20px NiceSan Siro
195722x20px Real Madrid1 – 022x20px Benfica22x20px Milan4 – 322x20px Saint-ÉtienneSantiago Bernabéu Stadium

Performances by teamEdit

Team Champion Runner-up Third Fourth
22x20px Milan2 (1951, 1956)1 (1953)2 (1955, 1957)
22x20px Barcelona2 (1949, 1952)
22x20px Real Madrid2 (1955, 1957)
22x20px Benfica1 (1950)1 (1957)1 (1956)
22x20px Stade de Reims1 (1953)1 (1955)1 (1949)
22x20px Sporting1 (1949)1 (1953)2 (1951, 1952)
22x20px Nice1 (1952)1 (1956)
22x20px Bordeaux1 (1950)
22x20px Lille1 (1951)
22x20px Athletic Bilbao1 (1956)
22x20px Atlético Madrid2 (1950, 1951)
22x20px Torino1 (1949)
22x20px Juventus1 (1952)
22x20px Lazio1 (1950)
22x20px Valencia1 (1953)
22x20px Belenenses1 (1955)
22x20px Saint-Étienne1 (1957)

Performances by countryEdit

Team Champion Runner-up Third Fourth
22x20px Spain4 (1949, 1952, 1955, 1957)1 (1956)2 (1950, 1951)1 (1953)
22x20px Italy2 (1951, 1956)1 (1953)4 (1949, 1952, 1955, 1957)1 (1950)
22x20px France1 (1953)4 (1950, 1951, 1952, 1955)3 (1949, 1956, 1957)
22x20px Portugal1 (1950)2 (1949, 1957)2 (1953, 1956)3 (1951, 1952, 1955)

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